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Client Testimonials - For Ipswich Hypnotherapist,
Andy Sharman

HypnoBirthing Testimonial for Andy Sharman

We had thought about HypnoBirthing® when we had our first baby, but didn’t know where to find a HypnoBirthing® therapist. Our first pregnancy was induced at 10 days overdue and our daughter Iris was born on the 12th day. This being our second baby, we felt we should have the birth experience we wanted. A friend recommended Andy to us and at our first session he explained the HypnoBirthing® method and put us at ease.

Leading up to the birth, we practised the breathing techniques, scripts and listened to the relaxation CD’s. We had originally planned a home birth and felt that HypnoBirthing® was ideal for the home environment, but as our baby was 14 days overdue and I’d had two unsuccessful membrane sweeps, we made our way to hospital. The midwives were great when we said we wanted to use the HypnoBirthing® method. They were really open to the idea and respected our birth preferences.

During early labour Joel had read the Rainbow script while I did sleep breathing. The midwives attached the CTG monitor and it showed I was having surges, but all I felt was my bump tightening, there was no pain. They moved me to delivery and examined me. I was 2cm dilated and they were able to rupture the membranes. I was so pleased I didn’t have to be induced again!

As labour progressed, I was able to apply the breathing techniques Andy had taught me and Joel read the deepening script to relax me further. When our baby boy birthed, he cried briefly and was soon quiet and relaxed. He spent some time bonding with Joel and was then passed to me for his first feed.

I really praise Andy for all his help and support before and after the birth of Charlie and would recommend the HypnoBirthing® method to any expectant parents.
Joel and Siobhan Keeble
Parents to Iris (4) and Charlie (7 months)

Stop Smoking Testimonial for Andy Sharman

Dear Andy,

Thank you so much for helping me become 'a non smoker'.

I was a little apprehensive initially, partly because in the past I
have tried unsuccessfully to give up smoking.

However, I needn't have worried, you put me at ease straight away,
explaining what the session would entail, what we would be doing and why.
I felt this helped me understand a few of the principles behind your work.

I particularly liked the idea of any questions any time!

During the last part of the session I have to say I was so comfortable
in both mind and body that I could easily have nodded off.

I felt confident straight away that I wouldn't be reaching for that pack and so it was, SO much easier than I had anticipated.

Since then 6 weeks have past and I can proudly think of myself as a non smoker, I feel so much better for having changed my life, I feel 'in charge' at last!

Thanks Andy for your help.
Mrs K R Horslen

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